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Kosher food service at Dominican Republic

Kosher food service at Dominican Republic

  • Kosher Food Service

  • 'Glatt Kosher Catering' is a quality catering, run by Chabad of the Dominican Republic.

    Our service is excellent!

    All our dishes are - of course - 100% Kosher, and deliveries are made to anywhere on the island.

    Orders can be made on this site, or by phone. 

  • Main Dishes *

    * one side dish included
  • Fish

  • Addition for main dish

    * no extra fee
  • Side Dishes

  • Salads

    * Contains 8 oz
  • For Bakery and wine please see theBakery form

    * All the food is sent to you in one time delivery in an ice box.

    * Each Meal package in douple-wrapped, so you can warm up in the oven or microwave in the Hotel.

    * Payment will be in the day we are sending the food, by credit card include payment for delivery.

    * The cost for delivery is between 20 U$ - 50 U$ depend in the location of the Hotel.

    * Please place you order at least one week in advance!

    * Shipping is conditional in purchase amount over 150$ .

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