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Tourist and Visitor Info

Tourist and Visitor Info



Tourist and Visitor Info  

Location and Contact Info

Shabbat Accommodations Near Chabad

Kosher Food available through Chabad

Transportation in the Dominican Republic

Shabbos Services


Chabad-Lubavitch of Dominican Republic is happy to provide you with all your Jewish needs and services to make your stay in the Dominican Republic more enjoyable.

Location and Contact Info:
Calle 2B #8 • Ensanche Paraiso (Piantini) Sector, Santo Domingo


U.S. Phone Line: (718) 504-1990
Local Dominican Phone: Office: 809- 5426049

Home: (809) 533-8770

Note: Bait Chabad is located in  Santo Domingo, about 30 minutes west of the Santo Domingo International Airport.

Kosher food can be delivered to any location on the Island.

Shabbat Accommodations Near Chabad

These hotels are near the Chabad House:

1- Holiday- In 

Avenida Abraham Lincoln 856  Santo Domingo 

1 888 HOLIDAY (1 888 465 4329)   

About 10 minute walking from the Chabad House .


2.  JW Marriott Hotel Santo Domingo

Winston Churchill Avenue No. 93, Ensanche Piantini Santo Domingo.


 About 7 minute walking from the Chabad House .


Kosher Food available through Chabad
We offer kosher food and Shabbos meals to locals and tourists from our catering service..

Taste our traditional Jewish delicacies with a gourmet touch.

Please place your order at least one day in advance accompanied by a Credit Card Payment
to ensure the best service possible.

To our Ctering Menu / For Ordering food on the site - click here: /Article.asp?AID=821919
Local Shechita: From time to time, Rabbi Shimon Pelman Shechet offers frozen poultry on trays.


Other Kosher options:
Kosher products can be found at most domestic markets and at  large supermarkets, such as Supermercado Nacional, Bravo or La Sirena. All basic kosher products can be found such as pasta sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, snacks, etc. Other kosher products are available at the large supermarkets, but most likely will not be Cholov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel or Bishul Yisroel. 

Transportation in the Dominican Republic

Drive times between Santo Domingo and major tourist areas:

Puerto Plata or Samana – approx 4 hours to the north

Punta Cana, CAP Cana or Bavaro – about 4 hours to the east

La Romana – about 2 hours to the east.

There are several private airlines that offer domestic flights within the island with prices that
range from 50 to 70 dollars per person.
The major bus companies in the Dominican Republic are Caribe Tours and Metro
Tours, which operate air-conditioned, comfortable 52-seat buses. Their rates for
travel are quite reasonable, even for long distances. Most buses travel to, and stop
in only the larger towns or cities, so you may have to take an alternate form of
transport to/from the bus station and your final destination.
A taxi cab driver can take you. (Do not take an unknown driver) We can recommend known taxi drivers if you wish. Always agree to a price in advance with the taxi driver.
Taxi service between Chabad and the Santo Domingo Intl. Airport is about US$40

Shabbos Services


We do not charge our guests for services, meals or activities, however, we encourage you to contribute towards our activities. Your generous help will enable us to keep our home and Shul open and assist many more visitors in the future.


Minyan Info:
Shabbos Morning 9:30am, followed by a delicious weekly Kiddush
Note: Bait Chabad is located in the Piantini Sector of Santo Domingo, about 30 minutes west of the Santo Domingo International Airport.
Kosher food can be delivered to any location on the Island