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 The services will be held at the Centro Israelita, located at Ave. Sarasota # 21, La Julia. Santo Domingo.


ROSH HASHANA   5784 (2023)

First Night Friday September 15th

Candle lighting time: 6:24PM

Evening Service 7:00 PM


First Day Shabbat September 16th

Morning Service 9:00 AM

Torah Reading 10:00 AM

Musaf 11:30 AM


Second Night Evening Service 7:15 PM


Second Day, Sunday September 17th

Morning Service 9:00 AM

 Torah Reading 10:00 AM

 Shofar blowing 11:30 AM


Mincha and Tashlich: 6:15

Yom Tov ends: 7:13 PM



Sunday,  September 24th

 Fast start / Candle Lighting 6:16 PM

Kol Nidre service 6:40 PM


Monday, September 25th

Morning Service 9:00 AM

Torah Reading 11:00 AM

Yizkor 12:00 PM

  Mincha  5:00 PM

 Neila Service 6:15 PM

Arvit and Fast ends 7:06 PM